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Radiometric under belt ash meter WILPO C 212

The application

The device is designed for continuous measurement of ash content in coal on the conveyor belt. The ash meter WILPO C 212 is especially prepared for ash content measurement in a run of a mine of hard and brown coal. It can be employed in a open pit (i.e. directly on excavators), power stations and mines.



The ash meter WILPO C 212 is built from two main units: the measuring post and the reading post. The measuring post is created by suspension, a measuring head with the radiation source and a detector, a sensitive device of the layer’s height and an connecting box. The connecting box is equipped in modems that enables connections of both units (reading and measuring), even on a long distance.

The reading post consists of the industrial computer set and the specialized software allowing simultaneous servicing of several measurement functions as well as digital and graphical visualization of measurement results together with their recording in the database.


Basic technical parameters

Coal granulation:

0-300 mm

Height of measurement layer:

min. 100 mm, without limitations
homogeneous, without stratified placement

Conveyor belt:

1200 ¸ 2000 mm
taken according to applied radiation, homogeneous on the whole length

Source of radiation:
– isotope
– realization
– activity

Closed source, particular form
To 4 GBq

Measurement accuracy σ (average, depending on conveyor belt):
– for the range 0 – 20% Ar
– for the range 20 – 40% Ar
– for the range 40% Ar and more



Power voltage

230V, 50Hz


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