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Company history


The company: Przedsiębiorstwo Wdrożeń Przemysłowych “WILPO” Sp. z o.o. (WILPO Industrial Implementation Company Ltd.) was established in 1988 and the company setting-up notarial act was dated 14th January, 1988. The Company was set up by 5 partners, specialists in various fields of automatics, physics and mechanics, with a significant experience in construction and implementation of industrial devices related to coal quality parameter identification and survey.


At the beginning of the Company business performance, the partners – at that time the only employees of the company – were also the members of the Board of Directors. They brought about the commencement of manufacturing their first own-design device: the WILPO L 131 type laboratory coal analyser, and later a type-series of coal on-line survey devices. In a few years the Company has gained a few reputable specialists and highly qualified technical personnel.

Today the WILPO Company is an efficiently operating company of more than 20 person staff. The Company infrastructure comprises the isotope laboratory, research and production stands, metering and control equipment, and well-organised service system supported by a few transport vehicles. The Company is noted for newly constructed high-quality devices, domestic and foreign patents and patent applications, participation in a number of fairs and conferences, etc. The Company activities are focused on strengthening the Company reputation that has been attained with enormous efforts of all the Company staff and personnel during the whole Company life.

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