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Isotope Density Meter WILPO CG 111

Purpose and application

Isotope Density Meter WILPO CG 111 is designed for on-line determination of density of liquids or slurries transported in industrial pipelines, especially in ash slurries.


Density meter WILPO CG 111 is practically maintenance-free device, mounted directly on the pipelines transporting the slurries. The measuring system consists of controller unit, which can work autonomously or work together with an external PC unit as well as consist of the isotope head and detection unit.


Pic: Measurement configuration of Density Meter WILPO CG 111, where:

  • 1. Isotope head
  • 2. Detection head
  • 3. Mechanical unit fixing to pipeline
  • 4. Controller unit


Measured material:

slurries, liquids

Method of measurement:

absorption of gamma radiation

Gamma radiation source:

Cs-137 (shielded, special form)

Gamma radiation detector:

scintillation detector with NaI(Tl) crystal

Rated supply voltage UN:

230V, 50 Hz,

Power consumption:


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