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Radiometric ash meter WILPO C 512hc

The application

The WILPO C 512 Radiometric Ash Meter is similar to the WILPO C 512 Ash Meter and is specifically adapted for hard coal measurements. It is designed for continuous determination of ash content made directly on hard coals carried on belt conveyors of the type that are usually used in coal dressing plants.

The innovative, radiation scattering and absorption measurement method applied in this ash meter ensures maximum reliability of results while maintaining stable arrangement of the radiation source – detectors system (eliminating the need for scanning). These features make this ash meter convenient for various applications, and the measuring effect surpasses those attained with any other type of ash meters used so far.



The WILPO C 512 hc Ash Meter comprises two main units: measuring unit and readout unit. The measuring unit consists of a supporting structure, radiation head with dedicated Am 241 gamma radiation source and radiation source shutting system, appropriately positioned detection heads and electronic system.

The supporting structure dimensions depend on the size and type of the belt conveyor. The basic component of the readout unit is a computer with dedicated software for carrying out various measuring functions, display of results (in numerical and graphical form), data recording and transmission to indicated recipients, e.g. to a control room.


Measurement unit of WILPO C 512hc Ash Meter, where:

  • 1 – isotope head
  • 2 – measurement head
  • 3 – layer thickness detector
  • 4 – support
  • 5 – controller unit


Coal type:

hard coal,

Coal grain size:

0 – 300 mm,

Coal layer thickness:

min.100 mm (measurement start), max. 500 mm,

Conveyor belts:

plain or non-flammable, multi-layer

Gamma radiation source:

Am-241 (shielded, special form, activity selected within the range of 3.7 to 18.5 GBq )

Ash content determination accuracy (σ):
within 0 – 15% Ar
within 15 – 30% Ar
within > 30% Ar


Rated supply voltage UN:

230V, 50 Hz,

Power consumption:

300 VA.

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